Saturday, May 29, 2010



It has been a week since the exam finishes. As usual everyone feel relives, not to mention sometimes after the exam we feel so free...all we just wanna do is just relax. But..we haven't forgot that what our result would turn out like.

So for this week, some of our result was past out. I thought it turn out good instead turn out really..bad..I felt like tear were falling, but it didn't because I know it would settle the problem. In fact i realize that the most important thing was SPM, and my last chance would be on the trail..Not to mention I was also happy for my friend who got good grades. Their happiness are my happiness.

Some time when expect someting wrong we just have to redha. So whenever we do something we need to first: doa.....then: work "ikhtiar".....finially: tawakkal

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